The biggest problem with Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook’s powerful targeting tools allow brands to become very granular with ad messages. But it’s created a whole new problem; Ad creative fatigue, i.e. seeing the same ad too many times. Traditionally advertisers want an ad seen a number of times by the same people. It takes time for a message to sink in. Frequency […]

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How much difference does authentic content make to actual conversions?.

Introduction Every day over 2 billion photos and videos are uploaded to the internet. We’re accustomed to seeing real-time authentic content – on our social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and throughout the web on platforms like Tripadvisor or Yelp. Brands know the power of User Generated Content (UGC) to improve metrics at the top […]

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How Air New Zealand used UGC to make their Facebook ads really take off.

Success Story Air New Zealand (ANZ) drove a marked increase in performance in their Japan Facebook ad campaigns by using Shuttlerock to create and manage User Generated Photos in their ads. 55% increase in Click through rate (CTR). 375% increase in ad engagement (likes, comments and shares). 14% decrease in Cost per click (CPC). Image: […]

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The Power of Authentic Photos in Facebook Adverts.

In this case study we explore the use of Shuttlerock’s new Facebook ad solution. Results: Average relevance scores increased by 53% and ‘cost per click’ (CPC) reduced by 33%. The Shuttlerock system allows a brand to use customer content in their Facebook adverts. Here’s how it works: A company collects customer photos and videos via […]

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How Authentic Content Changes Facebook Advertising.

You know the numbers are impressive. Facebook has 1.6 billion users with 1 billion daily on the platform and if you combine Facebook with its other big brands Instagram, Oculus Rift and Whats App, you will get a feel for how big the company has become. But although size does matter, one thing that continues […]

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Shuttlerock Scoops Major Facebook Innovation Award.

We’re very proud to announce that Shuttlerock has picked up an award in the annual Facebook Innovation Spotlight, taking out this year’s Creativity category. Facebook’s Innovation Spotlight Awards recognizes industry partners working to create technology and services that make it easier for brands to source and deliver quality content at scale. The Creativity category specifically […]

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6 Top Tips to Ensure Your Employees Are Generating Great Visual Content.

How can your business generate sustainable and high quality content? By harnessing the potential of the resources within your ecosystem! Let your brand use its internal assets to tell its story from the inside out. If you are going to ask your team to create great content, you want to make sure you are getting […]

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Effective content, Rocket Fuel.

What Is The Most Effective Customer Content? Our friends at Rocket Fuel produced this great whitepaper on creative optimization. We thought we would summarize their findings to help you to decide what content is most effective. Visual content is an incredibly effective tool for growing brand awareness and generating conversions. More specifically, content created by […]

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How to Get Great Content from Your Employees and Other Internal Advocates.

You’ve heard it said time and time again: Content is king. But according to the Content Marketing Institute ,around 50 percent of B2B content marketers and 44 percent of B2C content marketers say they struggle to create content consistently. Whilst brands are looking towards their customers to create content in the form of user-generated content, […]

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