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Our board members

Jonathan Hendriksen


Jonny is a seasoned entrepreneur,

with over 20 years of experience

within the digital marketing scene.

He has had a pioneering impact

within the Japanese market,

where he founded and listed

ValueClick Japan on the Tokyo

Stock Exchange. That pioneering

spirit was still alive and well when

he founded Shuttlerock in 2011.

Paul Bingham


Paul has experience in agencies of

both major corporates and small

business. In 2003 he was named

Young Tourism Professional of the

year and in 2008 was appointed as

the youngest ever director of Air

New Zealand. Paul is passionate

about online marketing, especially

being at the forefront of the digital

revolution with Shuttlerock.

Chintaka Ranatunga


Chintaka has played a key role in

the Ad Tech Start-Up scene for

many years. His current situation

has him managing Partner

Global from Day One Fund. Past

endeavours include strategy

consulting for Serendipity and

being COO for ANZ.

Our Global Teams

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