Scaling ad creative is more complex
than ever before. We make it easy

There is now a direct correlation between ad performance
and a fresh supply of daily creative assets

Content Bank

A flow of ad creative ready to activate

Staying on top of creative requirements for multiple ad sets can
be a time and resource intensive process

Shuttlerock helps marketers manage a steady flow of fresh visual content
that is 'Fit-For-Facebook'

Advert Auto-Refresh Solution

Shuttlerock allows you to optimize ad creative with ease, by auto-refreshing
visual content based on campaign performance

Air New Zealand Boosts
Performance with
Shuttlerock Ad Solution

55% Increase in Click Through Rate (CTR)
3.75% increase in ad engagements (likes, comments, shares)

"Using a combination of Facebook ad targeting and Shuttlerocks unique approach to generation and managing UGC, we were able to drive a much improved result across our ad campaigns. Not only did we save time and money, we were also able to automatically create fresh creative in out ad campaigns and showcase authentic content from our customers"

-Kenya Irie
Air NZ Marketing Manager, Japan