InstantVideo Fast Facts

All InstantVideos are supplied as 6-Second videos.

Static images should be uploaded in our easy-to-use delivery system ‘Orbit’ in any format i.e. jpeg, png, psd, tiff etc .

We don't require a creative brief and/or direction for each image. However, you are welcome to provide optional instructions and we will apply these if compatible with our software.

You must provide us with static images in your set dimensions, as we will not be cropping them.

Our default delivery format is .mp4 but we can deliver in any format required i.e. .avi, .mov. Each file is 5-7mb.

InstantVideos will autoplay in ads depending on the platform and device used. E.g. Facebook will autoplay mobile ads if connected to wifi, but not on network data.

If you represent an agency, you can spread out your IV subscription across any amount of clients.

Each InstantVideo can have one animation adjustment. In the rare event of a quality issue we will remedy the problem within 72 hours.

We work with the worlds best brands on a variety of campaigns

InstantVideo continues to 'Skyrocket' their Ad Performance

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