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Food & Beverage Case Study


With decades of rich history and a wide range of even richer flavors, Lay's is the world's largest and most iconic potato chip brand. Owned by PepsiCo, Lay's has a truly global reach, and with over 200 different flavors, they have a chip to satisfy the cravings of anyone and everyone. 

Lay's is hugely popular in Thailand, and in this market, they are known to experiment with unique and wonderful flavors whilst also staying faithful to their core range. 



Increase in programmatic TV video completion rate



Increase in Facebook ThruPlay rate



Increase in YouTube completion rate



Increase in YouTube click-through-rate


In early 2020 the Lay’s team were ready to launch their Thailand 25th birthday campaign. Centered around all things celebration it featured a large-scale house-party with a joyful and vibrant tone, tonnes of product placement, and the message of ‘togetherness’. All whilst sharing some delicious Lay’s chips, of course.

And then the world was forced into isolation with the arrival of an unwanted party guest, Covid-19. A campaign that was months in the making and on the verge of launch just became immediately irrelevant. A new narrative was needed, one focused on physical separation and social distancing but also uniting a nation against a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic. They needed a whole new campaign and they needed it fast.

Creative Showcase


Building on the ‘Separated but together’ idea Lay’s birthday campaign pivoted to a more relevant narrative, ‘Life still needs flavour’. Focusing on communicating positive Covid-appropriate messaging, such as unity and hope, there was still one important question on everyone’s lips. “How can we launch a new campaign when no assets exist, in the middle of a pandemic, and within a matter of days?”

The answer, Shuttlerock. 

Input assets:


Facebook In-Feed 1:1


InStream 16:9


Product Shots, Old TVC

With an inability to shoot new content and nothing appropriate in existence, PepsiCo Thailand and their media agency, Mindshare, turned to digital creative specialists Shuttlerock. Drawing upon existing content from around the world, including a historical TVC from Pakistan, the team were able to compile a suite of past creative assets.


The mixture of product shots and long-form video content was transformed by Shuttlerock’s team of animators and motion graphic designers into visually bold and engaging ads.


Comprising clear and concise messaging supported by engaging visuals, dynamic transitions, and eye-catching effects, the existing creative was almost unrecognizable. Lay’s new Covid-appropriate campaign was brought to life by simply repurposing, reconcepting and recrafting assets they already had.


Within just two weeks the new campaign asset creation had been completed. Built entirely from existing content, PepsiCo demonstrated their agility and speed to adapt amidst a global pandemic and pulled off a revamped campaign with impressive results. 


“Shuttlerock has been an amazing partner and helped us stay agile and nimble in the trying times when our meticulously planned 25 years Celebration campaign of Songkran had to be cancelled on account of the pandemic. In less than two weeks, Shuttlerock helped us reach out to our consumers with the message of “Life still needs flavour” by repurposing our existing TVC’s & content from other markets to put together high performing digital-first creative assets.”

Maxime Girade, JV Web.jpeg

Sandhya Buddaraju 

Deputy Director, Marketing & Insights | PepsiCO Global Business Solutions

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