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Increase in click-through rate (CTR)*


Increase in video completion rate*


Total impressions

*Compared to previous NIVEA Body TikTok campaign

“Working with the team was a great experience, and the results were impressive. We observed a significant 615% increase in video completion rates after making changes to the creatives, proving that snackable content is highly effective on platforms like TikTok. Based on these results, we plan to make this a recurring strategy in our campaigns.”

Sabrina Taraborelli
Senior Brand Manager, Beiersdorf Canada, NIVEA Body

NIVEA remixes existing content into high-impact TikTok creative

To promote the NIVEA Nourishing Body Milk 5-in-1 Complete Care product, Beiersdorf Canada partnered with Shuttlerock through the TikTok Creative Exchange (TTCX) program to develop a set of optimized video creative.


The objective for the campaign was to drive brand awareness and reach for the Nourishing Body Milk product among Canadian female TikTokers between the ages of 25–55. To engage this audience, Beiersdorf required people-centered creative with dynamic editing, along with catchy, uplifting music. To achieve their objectives, the videos would also need to be on-brand and clearly convey the main product benefits. 

Copy of phone_mockup.png
TikTok Overlay.png

Existing Assets

Remixed Video:

TikTok In-Feed

To produce the videos, Beiersdorf’s brand team supplied Shuttlerock with a selection of existing content. This included product imagery and videos used on other social platforms. 

Shuttlerock’s design team then remixed these assets, editing them into the video you can see above. This remix process involved the application of TikTok creative best practices to give the creative the best chance at maximizing performance. 

Supplying all the creative needed to execute an effective campaign

To activate the campaign far and wide across TikTok, Shuttlerock supplied Beiersdorf with a total of 18 videos. Optimizations were made for both the In-Feed and Top View placements. For both, visual and copy variations were provided to help diversify the creative and keep the campaign fresh. French translations were also supplied to communicate with audiences in French-speaking regions of Canada.

In-Feed 20-Seconds

Visual Variation

Copy Variation

13-Second Cutdown

French Translation


Total Deliverables

The results

With the diverse set of optimized videos, Beiersdorf saw strong campaign performance. Compared to their past NIVEA Body campaign, click-through rates (CTR) increased by 46% and video completion rates (VCR) rose significantly from 0.5% to 3.57% (615% increase). The campaign also had a whopping reach of 2.8 million, with 34 million impressions

These numbers highlight the importance of running optimized creative for TikTok campaigns.


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