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“Our experience with Shuttlerock was very positive. Collaborating with the team was easy as they were both professional and responsive.
We were pleased to see that the resulting ads achieved greater results in terms of performance and engagement.”

Roei Shabin

Growth Director @ Sproutt


In terms of revenue, the U.S has the largest life insurance industry worldwide, posing a huge opportunity for innovative startups to make waves and capture a slice of market share. However, like the sector as a whole, the brokerage side of the industry can be described as extremely competitive. Therefore, as a new market entrant, Sproutt required a strong digital presence in order to inform audiences of their unique offering.

Sproutt had already developed a suite of creative, consisting of both static and video assets. However, these assets weren’t optimized for mobile, meaning that they weren’t performing to their full potential across the primarily mobile-oriented placements of Facebook and Instagram. In order to get the most out of these channels and achieve the insurance broker’s primary goal of lowering CPAs, Sproutt decided to take a mobile-first approach, placing them in a position to achieve greater results.

Insurance Case Study


Sproutt is leading the charge in terms of innovation within the life insurance industry. Utilizing a mix of cutting edge AI technology, along with their fundamentally personal and holistic approach, Sproutt is placed in a unique position within the marketplace. From here, they are able to provide customers with transparent and objective advice regarding life insurance policies.

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Sproutt had already developed a suite of creative - consisting of both static and video assets - however, these assets weren't optimized for mobile.



Working alongside Shuttlerock’s team of designers, art directors, and creative strategists, Sproutt was able to transform a selection of their static assets into a set of mobile-optimized video ads to be used across both Facebook and Instagram Feed and Story.


This collaboration and focus on placement-specific design enabled Sproutt to enhance ad performance across these social channels, with the key CPA metric being substantially reduced.

Being experts in mobile-first best practices, the Shuttlerock team provided Sproutt with a set of eye-catching video assets that were bookmarked by the company logo and consisted of a clear and concise key message highlighting Sproutt’s focus on a healthy lifestyle.


This was supported by a strong CTA on the end frame, driving traffic to the company website. Switching to mobile-first creative worked wonders, with the Shuttlerock-produced creative outperforming all of Sproutt’s other video assets.

The Shuttlerock-produced creative outperformed all of Sproutt's other video assets.

Creative Showcase

Client input:

Original Assets 

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Live your best life.png

+ Logo & CTA's

Shuttlerock output:

Mobile-optimized Videos

Vertical Universal (9:16)

Creative Showcase




Decrease in Lower Funnel CPA



Decrease in Mid Funnel CPA



Decrease in Upper Funnel CPA

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