Delivering Powerful Results with
Authentic Visual Content.

Shuttlerock ​is an innovative software platform that enables your organization to
easily generate and activate your visual content.

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Shuttlerock is very proud to announce we ​are a winner in the ​2016 ​global Facebook Innovation awards.

Facebook welcomed entries from partners, developers and agencies from all around world.

​The a​wards recognize partners working to create technology and services that make it easier for brands to source and deliver quality content at scale.

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Improve your on-line engagement metrics

with authentic content

‘I need a way to curate and display our best content from

all four corners of the web into one dynamic page’

Shuttlerock powers an active, real-time content hub on your website and on big screens.

Shuttlerock powers an active, real-time

content hub on your website and on big screens.

  • Curate the best content from your social channels so your visitors can see your latest content.
  • Increase engagement metrics, such as dwell time, by providing authentic content from social channels.
  • Tell your brand story in an authentic way by showcasing the best user-generated-content and mix it in with your own corporate content.
  • Display content in the correct context by displaying it on the best individual pages of your site.
  • Your content hub is branded with your look and feel and only content that you approve is displayed.

Live Sample: Pics Peanut Butter

Drive better conversions with authentic content
‘Avoid ad blindness in the Facebook newsfeed.
Satisfy your customers’ need for authentic, relevant photos and videos in your ads.’
Drive better click through rates with authentic content
Shuttlerock’s ad solutions provide fully consented content for your Facebook, Instagram and banner advertising campaigns.
  • Drive better conversions with relevant, timely and authentic content
  • Avoid ad blindness by continually showcasing new content using our dynamic system.
  • Harness the power of authentic, social content from your employees and customers to get better results.
  • Avoid legal issues with our unique permissions system.
  • Lower your costs by setting up an automatic stream of new content into your ads.
  • Remove long turn around times on ad production.

Live Sample: Black Cat Cruises

Collect a database of leads and

authentic customer photos/videos

Collect a database of leads and authentic customer photos/videos
Use photo and video contests to reward customers for their authentic content
  • Incentivise your customers to upload photos and videos to your website where you control the content.
  • Use specific hashtags to gather entries from Instagram and other social media.
  • Use that content on your owned, paid and earned digital channels.
  • Amplify your messaging, using your customers Facebook and Twitter social networks.
  • Build a database and feed the top of your funnel.
  • Use Shuttlerock’s proven promotional tools to manage your campaign with ease.
  • Get the support you need with a dedicated success manager.

Live Sample: Chux

Convert more of your website visitors into sales
‘I want to increase conversions on my site by using authentic content’
Convert more of your website visitors into sales
Shuttlerock allows you to sort a stream of content into relevant product pages.
  • Authentic content from customers and employees is more likely to be believed. A recent study from W2O Group found that 67% of people find employees of a company credible and trustworthy when seeking information about a product or a brand.
  • According to research from MarketingProfs, 51% of millennials, and 36% of baby boomers, surveyed say that, when looking for information about a brand, they trust User Generated Content more than information from a company.
  • Placing authentic visual content at the bottom of the funnel, for example in web product pages, or screens in a retail setting, improves conversions (in some cases by up to 8.6%).
  • People buy based on recommendations and approvals from others. Leverage social content at the point of sale to improve your bottom of the funnel metrics.

Live Sample: Jucy

Improve your employee engagement;

make your culture visible

‘According to Gallup, less than one third of employees are engaged in their jobs in any one year.

Gallup also found that consistent communication – whether it occurs over the phone or electronically –

is connected to higher engagement.’

Improve your employee engagement;make your culture visible
Shuttlerock has developed an innovative solution to drive deeper engagement using authentic and relevant photos and videos from the team themselves. It’s a bottom up system of facilitating and encouraging engagement.
  • Shuttlerock lets you build and improve your organization culture by allowing your team to upload, share and view each other’s content in a private company branded ios or android app.
  • The visual content is displayed in your app and also on screens throughout your organization to improve engagement and drive fun team activity.
  • Each photo or video can be moderated in advance prior to the content being available to all employees. And you can set  ‘missions’ or ‘jobs’ to request new content.
  • Mix your own company content in the form of photos and videos in with the employee generated content to improve communication.
  • Use the content to build a case for recruitment by showcasing the best experiences from your team. Let them tell your story.
  • Get your people involved in generating brand related content for the marketing team. Authentic content from real life, real time experiences is invaluable to drive content marketing activity.

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