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“It was a great experience to work with Shuttlerock. The video production process was smooth and fast as the team quickly understood our objectives. We were very happy with the creative; the Shuttlerock team managed to develop a scroll stopping set of videos.”

Arnd Hutmacher, Head of Digital Communication & Brand PR @ Wagner

CPG Case Study


Original Wagner is an established German brand specializing in frozen pizza products. An industry leader in terms of innovation, Wagner pioneered the first industrial stone pizza oven in 1985, enabling the brand to produce at high quantity whilst maintaining quality. Now, one of the largest producers of frozen pizzas in Europe, Wagner has earned a trusted and respected name within the marketplace.

Joining the Nestlé family in 2013, Wagner has since diversified its product line with innovations such as the Rustipani range of rustic oven bread products, boosting the overarching characteristics of tradition and quality.


As a new entrant to the frozen food snack market, it was essential that Wagner’s Rustipani brand stood out from the crowd by grabbing the attention of both supermarket shoppers and online audiences alike. Rustipani’s unique and distinguishable packaging design was already winning on the freezer-front. The packaging served to highlight the product’s rustic, traditional bakery characteristics. With distinct branding in place, Rustipani was poised to launch the product online.

Wagner was eager to develop a set of strong video assets in order to promote the launch of Rustipani on social channels. Therefore, mobile-optimized ads with an immediate visual impact, strong, and branding were necessary. This led the team at Wagner to turn to Shuttlerock in order to fully optimize their existing brand assets.


The newly optimized, Shuttlerock-produced creative was a top performer for Wagner in key Brand Awareness metrics, highlighting the importance of placement optimization. 


Shuttlerock’s team of in-house designers, the experts in transforming and optimizing assets for all placements, utilized Rustipani’s well designed existing imagery, transforming and re-organizing them into a set of high performing video-ads with top of the funnel Brand Awareness as their main focus. Designing purposely for Facebook and Instagram, the Shuttlerock team ensured that the videos were in-line with platform best practices, enabling the goal of increasing Brand Awareness to be realized.
In order to engage viewers immediately, a motion technique was used to show the product dropping from a zoomed-in position onto the table below. This allowed for Wagner’s logo to be shown both instantly and naturally. Motion effects were used throughout the duration of the video ad, highlighting the appetizing nature of the product, and compelling the viewers to try it. For example, animation was also used to show seeds falling and surrounding the product as a way of highlighting the ingredients of the product, as well as visually supporting the ad’s messaging.

The newly optimized, Shuttlerock-produced creative was a top performer for Wagner in key Brand Awareness metrics, highlighting the importance of placement optimization.

Creative Showcase

Client input:

Original Assets 

72466_Rustipani_Kirschtomate_15Grad (1).

+Logo & Copy

Shuttlerock output:

Digitally Optimized Videos





Creative Showcase




Increase on
Bench VTR



At least 25% video completion rate

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