Holiday Season 2020

The quickly approaching holiday season will be bigger, busier, and more competitive than ever. 

The months of September-January are jam-packed full of key sales dates, that for most, make up the core focuses of their annual sales calendar. Each of these dates requires unique ad creative for deployment across multiple channels.

To help your brand thrive amongst the impending madness, we have developed a curated library of useful content and resources.


Create vibrant video ads this holiday season.

The holiday season has well and truly arrived.
But never fear! Shuttlerock is on-hand to ensure your video creative wows this holiday season.


Holiday Season 2020 Roadmap

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A Mobile Creative Roadmap

In this report, brands will learn about the importance that mobile-first video creative has in driving e-commerce sales during the holiday season.


This free whitepaper is your go-to holiday roadmap that outlines the key holiday sales dates along with some corresponding best practice recommendations that will ensure your ad creative is primed and ready for holiday success.   

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Holiday Season Resources

White Paper

Learn about the importance that mobile-first video creative has in driving e-commerce sales during the holiday season.


This episode looks ahead to the upcoming Holiday Season, offering five creative recommendations for producing effective direct response video ads.

Case Study

Shuttlerock produced a series of video ads highlighting how Boden's apparel is perfect for festive events and company parties.

Blog Article

As we pass 2020’s midway point, brands should begin scoping, planning, and sourcing ad creative for the holiday season.

Case Study

Shuttlerock transformed DAVIDsTEA existing holiday promotional images into an elegant TruView for Action video ad.

Blog Article

Boost your e-commerce offerings by developing ads that showcase the purchase journey.

Mobile shopping is dominating

During the 2019 holiday season, over $50 billion was spent via mobile in the U.S alone. This number highlights the fact that more and more people are turning to their smartphones to shop online.


For advertisers, this trend suggests that mobile-first creative should be at the forefront of their digital advertising strategy this holiday season.


What we're reading

Top Third-Party Resources


Take the guesswork out of this season with personalized recommendations to help you meet shoppers where they are across Google Search, Shopping and Maps.


A preview of five holiday trends every business should be prepared for in 2020, from Criteo's "Peak to Recovery" research.

White Paper

Global marketing guide highlighting trends and insights from Facebook IQ around shopping behaviour.

White Paper

People are searching for and saving holiday ideas earlier then they ever have on Pinterest. Months earlier.

Campaign Planner

To help you create a well-structured campaign for the holidays, Facebook have compiled some tips and tricks.


This festive season will look different. Pinterest explains the shifting landscape and how your brand can reach festive shoppers.


Dive deeper into tactics for adapting your holiday planning to meeting the new needs of today’s consumers.


Filter, find and share shopping insights to learn how people will celebrate and shop this holiday season.

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In 2019, 84% of mobile-based shopping accounted for 84% of the holiday season’s e-commerce growth.


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