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to the 2021
Holiday Season

Priming you for the key end-of-year holiday sales season with curated resources, insights, and inspiration that will help your creatives stand out and drive results. 

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Get set up for success

For most advertisers, the Holiday Season is the time of year that holds the greatest opportunity to influence sales. However, this also means competition is at an all time high. What is the key factor for successfully standing out from the competition? Creative.

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Holiday Season 2021:
A Digital Creative Playbook

This guide explores the key themes that will play out online during this year’s holiday season, and how advertisers can respond to these each from a creative perspective. 


Holiday Season Creative Insights


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Client Success

Client Success

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Blog Post

How Can Agile Creative Solutions Help Your Brand During The Holidays?

Whatever the level of planning that goes into your holiday season campaigns, contingencies are bound to happen. When they do, it is beneficial to be able to respond quickly using creative solutions that are agile.

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Blog Article

4 Tips For Creating Impactful Mega Sales Day Creative

Mega Sales Days such as Cyber Monday and Singles' Day are huge opportunities for brands to drive e-commerce revenue. This article details some creative best practices to help brands maximize their potential.

Discover how BMW increased sales for their dedicated software service 'ConnectedDrive' during a Black Week campaign on Facebook & Instagram.


Discover how leading cosmetic brand, M·A·C, produced a bold set of Black Week and Singles' Day video ads, enabling them to drive e-commerce conversions.

M·A·C Cosmetics

Insights into key Holiday themes, and how to respond through creative strategies.

Holiday Season 2021: A Digital Creative Playbook

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Key Themes

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High Online Competition

The holiday season is extremely busy with a lot of competing noise. High quality, innovative creatives are required for brands to rise above this competition and deliver a message that drives action. 

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Social Commerce

Social media platforms now play a massive role in generating online revenue during the holiday period. In order to tap into this opportunity, brands can now utilize a variety of different ad formats aimed at fuelling social commerce. 

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Multi-Channel &
Multi-Device Consumers

Today’s online holiday shoppers are highly dispersed, scattered across many different online platforms. To reach the highest possible audience, advertisers need a high volume ofcreatives in their toolkit in order to operate effectively across multiple channels.

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Curated Holiday Season Insights



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Learn how to leverage TikTok as a way of driving Mega Sales Day success


Instagram Shopping For The Holiday Season

Find out how Instagram Shops can help you get ahead during the holiday season.


Snapchat Festive Season Resource Hub

Explore Snapchat's festive season resource center.

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Elevate your creatives this holiday season with Shuttlerock

Explore the key themes that will play out online during this year’s holiday season, and how advertisers can respond to these each from a creative perspective. 

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