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“Our collaboration with Shuttlerock has been a great success. The team is professional, proactive and customer-oriented. The quality of the creatives that we get from Shuttlerock has helped us to improve performance for our client’s social ad campaigns.”

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Maxime GIRARD | Team Leader SMA (JVWEB)

Equipping JVWEB Clients With Optimized Creative

Based in France, JVWEB is a performance-focused digital agency with an international reach. Ever since 2004, JVWEB has been helping clients of all shapes and sizes to boost both their online presence and revenue. 


In recent years, JVWEB has seen the increasing importance that video has for brands’ online visibility, along with the effectiveness that video can have in helping their clients achieve campaign objectives. A number of the clients that JVWEB works with, however, don’t have video assets at their disposal—and if they do have video, it is often unoptimized for the digital platforms where they would be placed. 


Wanting to communicate the performance power of video to their clients, JVWEB decided to search for a creative partner, someone that they could rely on to produce high-quality video ads at an affordable price. This search led JVWEB to Shuttlerock. Shuttlerock’s unique ability to work with existing brand assets rather than creating video content from scratch was well suited to JVWEB’s needs as it kept costs low, and turnaround times short. 


By partnering with Shuttlerock, and being onboarded to Shuttlerock Studio, JVWEB essentially added a powerful creative arm to their existing services, enabling them to easily order creative packages whenever the need arose for their clients. 

Video Creative For A Diverse Clientele


Coming up on one year of collaborating with Shuttlerock’s French team, JVWEB has been able to produce video creative for 15 of their clients, working on 24 projects that consisted of a total of 95 video assets. 

From magazine subscription services to fitness supplements, JVWEB has worked alongside Shuttlerock to produce a wide variety of beautiful video ads, each designed to help the client to meet their specific campaign goals. 

Creative Collaboration via Shuttlerock Studio

Collaboration on projects between JVWEB and Shuttlerock’s creative strategy and production teams takes place via Shuttlerock Studio. This is where projects are briefed, revised, and ultimately deployed. This streamlined tech solution helps agencies such as JVWEB to easily manage the production of creative assets for the many different brands that they work with. 


With world-class production teams only a couple of clicks away, JVWEB’s social advertising team is able to match their media plans with creative that is fit-for-purpose, helping to boost campaign performance. 


Let’s now take a look at a couple of these projects in action.    

  Campaign Success



decrease in cost-per conversion


increase in ROAS


The above project for eco-friendly drink bottle brand Qwetch is a perfect example of how an e-commerce brand can repurpose its product imagery into high-performing video ads—in this case, being optimized for Facebook and Instagram.  


The use of animation to bring the bottle designs to life, coupled with playful transitions with the product coming in and out of screen, helps to maintain audience attention until the end, where an actionable call-to-action (CTA) is featured.  

  Campaign Success



decrease in cost per conversion


increase in conversion rate


This project, for magazine subscription service, Jemabonne, again transforms static imagery into Facebook and Instagram-optimized video ads. By utilizing constant movement, along with concise copy, the ad was able to communicate a strong message within a short time frame, allowing it to land with rapidly scrolling audiences. 


This example, along with the previously discussed Qwetch example, both highlight the higher conversion efficiency that can be achieved with optimized video, compared to image ads, or unoptimized video.

“The JVWEB team is always pleasure to collaborate with. After onboarding, JVWEB have been autonomous users of Shuttlerock Studio, briefing in projects for their clients and communicating with our design team to get stunning results.”

Delphine Ghysselinckx | Creative Specialist, Shuttlerock

The relationship between JVWEB and Shuttlerock highlights the magic that happens when media and creative become aligned, working together towards the common goal.




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