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“From just a handful of our product images, Shuttlerock was able to rapidly produce video creative for our media campaigns. The team was very attentive to detail and collaborated closely with us to produce the best creative possible.”


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Eva Bouton | Digital Project Manager, Pernod Ricard 


Tradition is incredibly important when it comes to single malt Scotch whisky. Something that rings true for category leader, The Glenlivet, a brand steeped in a rich history that dates back to 1824. 


However, although this heritage plays a huge part in their identity, The Glenlivet has always broken from conventions—a trend that is reflected in their “Original By Tradition” motto. 


To help The Glenlivet to communicate this message to a wide, online audience, Pernod Ricard partnered with Shuttlerock to produce a suite of refreshingly vibrant video ads for use across three key online channels: Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify. 



A member of the Pernod Ricard family, The Glenlivet is one of the most popular malt whiskies around the globe, with 1.1 million cases being sold each year. 


Founded in 1824 in Scotland’s Livet valley, the brand has almost 200 years of history and a legacy that has linked ‘The Glenlivet’ name with distilling excellence.


Although having such a rich past, The Glenlivet has always looked towards the future, innovating new ways to push their products forward to resonate with new generations. 

For a campaign in France, Pernod Ricard was looking to do just that. They wanted to both break away from, and challenge the conventionally held views of whisky’s target demographics by developing ads that resonated with a younger, gender-neutral audience.  


Having already developed assets for out-of-home (OOH) placements, Pernod Ricard’s digital team was looking to give the campaign its maximum possible exposure by adapting these images to work as video across three strategic digital platforms: Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify.



After working together on past projects for brands such as Havana Club and Absolut, Pernod Ricard and Shuttlerock teamed up once again to develop the assets for the digital side of the campaign for The Glenlivet. 


Shuttlerock’s unique ability to transform static images into video through animation and motion effects made the partnership a perfect fit due to the fact that Pernod Ricard’s digital team had already produced a range of images that were perfect for repurposing. 


Working from a brief that called for a vibrant and modern treatment, Shuttlerock’s design team utilized fast, impactful transitions. These were centered around The Glenlivet bottle coming in and out of frame, which helped to capture and maintain audience engagement. 

As a cross-channel campaign, it was important that each asset was optimized for their intended placement. In order to perform to their potential, video ads need to feature different design elements depending on where they are going to be viewed. Although these differences are often subtle, they can make all the difference when it comes to performance.

Take for example the two creatives displayed on the right. The video on the left was designed for Facebook/Instagram In-Feed, whilst the video on the right is a Standard Video Pin for Pinterest. At first glance, these two ads look very similar, but the differences that you can see are purposefully introduced in order to align each with the best practices of the two platforms.

"From a creative strategy standpoint, this campaign was a real pleasure to work on. It was great to collaborate with Pernod Ricard to develop a colorful, vibrant set of ads in line with The Glenlivet's brand identity."

Delphine Ghysselinckx | Creative Specialist, Shuttlerock


24 total creative assets were produced for this campaign, composed of different ratios, durations, and concept variations. Also included were a set of banner ads for use on Spotify. 

The campaign highlights how assets originally produced for one channel (in this case OOH) can be transformed and repurposed to suit new channels. This helped The Glenlivet to expand their brand-building campaign across digital, without needing to undergo the intensive process of creating new assets from scratch.     


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