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Emmi Caffè Latte
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"Shuttlerock provided us with a set of eye-catching video creative that gave us a lot of confidence and excitement to dial-up our social spend for this campaign. The results that came back exceeded our expectations."

Mathurin Blume
Junior Brand Manager,

The Brief

With extra budget being placed into social channels to build brand awareness for their new iced coffee product, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE were in need of creative that reflected this more digitally-oriented mindset. Working with Shuttlerock, Emmi were able to repurpose a number of previously produced assets, transforming them into eye-catching Facebook and Instagram video ads.



Owned by major Swiss dairy producer Emmi, iced coffee brand Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE has experienced a huge rise in popularity ever since its origin in 2004. By combining only the best quality of beans sourced from around the world with the finest Swiss milk, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE provides consumers with a high quality, convenient, on-the-go, iced coffee beverage. 


Wishing to better connect with their youthful, discerning, and health-conscious target market, Emmi developed their ‘Double Zero’ product—featuring zero added sugar along with zero sweeteners. For the brand to hit the ground runnin and set off strongly within the German and French speaking markets, it was identified that an engaging digital campaign would be required.


Emmi had already developed a number of ‘Double Zero’ promotional materials, including a range of OOH imagery, alongside a high production value TVC.  In the past, it has been these channels that have constituted Emmi’s main focus in terms of creative—with OOH and TVC assets being adapted for social, but not optimized for mobile viewing. 


However, with higher budgets being allocated into Facebook and Instagram for this campaign, the team at Emmi decided that more effort should be placed into ensuring that their creative was geared to best achieve their key
top-of-funnel objectives. 

The Solution

With a wealth of experience creating engaging Facebook and Instagram video ads for CPG brands globally, Shuttlerock were perfectly suited for Emmi’s needs on this project. 


Shuttlerock’s design team took the TVC produced for the ‘Double Zero’ product and reconfigured it to best suit audiences viewing the ad on mobile devices. This first required the reformatting of the original horizontal 16:9 video into a vertical ratio to work in both the stories and in-feed placements. 


Secondly, the structure of the video itself in terms of story-arc required adapting. In the TVC, the key information and branding doesn’t feature until the second half of the ad. And although this works in a “forced view” environment, it doesn’t translate well to mobile viewing. So, to ensure the ‘Double Zero’ product and branding wasn’t missed due to viewers dropping off after the first few seconds, Shuttlerock’s designers shifted these key visuals to the beginning of the ad, placing them in front of the biggest potential audience. 


These key adaptations, along with the inclusion of additional visual effects and a strong and actionable CTA, helped the creative to deliver a strong message to a vast online audience.

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