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Beauty Case Study

Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword is the gold standard when it comes to shaving products. With over 200 years of rich history, and a name stemming from an origin in sword-making, nobody knows the meaning of “sharpness” quite like Wilkinson Sword. 

Over the years, Wilkinson Sword has innovated a number of women’s shaving products, each aimed at offering a smooth head-to-toe grooming experience. This includes their new Intuition Complete product which features five ‘Skin-Perfect’ blades, a slim razorhead, and a moisturizing gel to reduce irritation.



Decrease in
Cost Per Impression


Increase in
Completion Rate


Increase in

Engagement Rate


For the launch of the Intuition Complete razor, Wilkinson Sword sought to incorporate Pinterest placements into their digital strategy in order to test the effectiveness of the channel whilst also extending the campaign’s reach.

Being Wilkinson Sword’s first time utilizing Pinterest within their promotional strategy, and only having a TV commercial at their disposal, they would need to find a clever solution for adaptation and recrafting the original asset to be Pinterest-optimized.



Wilkinson Sword turned to trusted collaborator and Pinterest Creative Partner, Shuttlerock, to develop a set of Pinterest-optimized video ads for their campaign.

Taking from the existing horizontal TVC, Shuttlerock created three video concepts — each featuring messaging changes and visuals that spoke to the different attributes and benefits of the Intuition Complete product.


By creating multiple concepts, Wilkinson Sword was able to better achieve their brand awareness objectives as it enabled the campaign to compound upon its messaging and avoid ad fatigue through variation.

To design in-line with Pinterest’s best practices, the TVC first had to be cut up and reframed into a vertical format.


From here, Shuttlerock’s design team added a number of subtle visual brand elements, along with playful on-screen text, helping to communicate effectively to those audiences viewing the ad with sound disabled.

The videos were geared to grab attention early through a combination of bold text and dynamic visuals. Each also strongly highlighted the benefits of the product and the relationship between the brand and people.


This is something that works especially well on Pinterest as users are seekers, actively searching for products that will serve to benefit their own lives.


Deploying the optimized assets as Promoted Video Pins, Wilkinson Sword was able to place their ad in amongst relevant organic content — helping them to boost brand awareness by communicating with a highly receptive audience base.

  • 74% increase in completion rate

  • 22% decrease in CPM

  • 6.7% increase in engagement rate

Input assets:


1920x475_Complete_017_a (3).jpg

Matthias Hanschke

Digital Marketing Manager North Europe @ Wilkinson Sword

"We are consistently impressed with Shuttlerock’s ability to quickly create new, optimized assets for us to use across digital channels. This was the case on our first Pinterest campaign and it was great to see the impressive results!"

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