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“Shuttlerock saves us an incredible amount of time; things that would take a couple of weeks, with Shuttlerock, take a couple of days. With that, we’re able to try a lot of new things.” 



Creative Assets Delivered

Shaun Kopoko

Marketing Manager, Lemon Perfect


Giving Lemon Perfect the bandwidth to go all-in on video creative

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Lemon Perfect is a hydrating, low-calorie water, powered by lemons. 


In order to promote their product across social channels, Lemon Perfect understood that they would need to have video in their arsenal—and a lot of it. With video dominating the digital media landscape more and more, image-based creative no longer has the ability to deliver the levels of performance that it used to. For this reason, Lemon Perfect’s goal was to follow the trend and ramp up the amount of video they were producing. 

The challenge they faced, however, was lacking bandwidth. Lemon Perfect’s marketing team is lean, consisting of just two people, which has meant that their production capacity when it came to video had been limited. 

With Shuttlerock’s CaaS (Creative as a Service) solution, Lemon Perfect no longer needs to worry about lacking capacity. They now have the bandwidth to produce all the video creative they need, and are able to do so in a quick and cost-effective manner. 


Repurposing existing assets into new video content


Shuttlerock enables Lemon Perfect to produce video fast and in high volumes due to the utilization of existing brand assets. 

Lemon Perfect has already spent a lot of money on assets such as photos and bottle renders, Shuttlerock gives them the opportunity to maximize the value of these assets by transforming them into fresh video creative that they can use in their paid social campaigns. 

This process is made easy with Shuttlerock’s dedicated creative platform. Whenever Lemon Perfect need new creative; all they need to do is log on, complete a quick brief, upload some assets, and then wait a few days for their video assets to be delivered—easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

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Freedom and agility to experiment with different creative approaches 

Copy of phone_mockup.png
Copy of phone_mockup.png

The other aspect of Shuttlerock’s CaaS model that has been important to Lemon Perfect is the fixed-cost pricing model. Not only does this keep their finance team happy, but it also gives them the ability to jump at new opportunities quickly without the worry of incurring additional costs. 

This agility is helping them thrive within the fast-paced, changeable environments of TikTok and Instagram. If a trend pops up, they now have the ability to respond quickly by producing a piece of relevant creative. 

With costs being fixed they can also test multiple different creative approaches against one another to see what is resonating best with their audience. Over a period of time, this helps Lemon Perfect to refine their creative with each new campaign, helping lead to stronger engagement and better performance. 


Supporting Lemon Perfect’s growth

As Lemon Perfect continues to grow, so too will their demand for video creative. As this happens, Shuttlerock will have them covered providing the production capacity to deliver all the assets they need.


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