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Havana Club
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Creative Assets Produced

“Shuttlerock has consistently delivered us high-quality, Gen-Z focused creative assets that have been crucial for our European markets—allowing our new Cuba Made Me platform to achieve great results.”


Markets Supported

Natacha Laniece | Global Brand Manager, Havana Club International

Helping Havana Club Bring The Streets Of Cuba To The Screens Of Europe

Iconic Cuban rum brand, Havana Club, partnered with Shuttlerock in order to scale their creative asset production throughout Europe. 


The adoption of Shuttlerock’s streamlined, Creative-as-a-Service model has enabled Havana Club to efficiently produce high volumes of consistent, top quality assets that are both localized for multiple markets and optimized for various platforms.  


Since the partnership began in 2019, Shuttlerock and Havana Club have collaborated to produce over 350 unique creative assets for deployment across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display, Snapchat, and Spotify.



Rum has always been synonymous with Cuban national identity. And there is no name that better represents this close cultural affinity than the iconic Havana Club. Havana Club has become one of the leading rum brands, and can be commonly seen lining bar shelves all around the world. 


Whilst Havana Club honors its rich past, it also keeps one eye held firmly on the future. This can be seen with the brand's Havana Cultura initiative that helps to support Cuba’s vibrant art scene—something that is also reflected heavily in Havana Club’s modern brand identity. 

Since 1993, Havana Club has been a part of the Pernod Ricard family of brands.


Sourcing Consistently High-Quality Digital Assets, Localized For Multiple Markets

Havana Club’s Paris-based global marketing team was facing a growing need for higher volumes of creative assets for promotion across various paid online media channels. 


The team was adding a growing list of placements to their online promotional mix, with each needing creative variations in order to follow platform specifications and best practices. They also needed to create localized versions of their creative assets for use in the various European markets that they represent. This not only meant translating copy, it also included compliance with national liquor advertising regulations. 


When you combine all of these factors together, you can see how Havana Club’s creative asset production process can become very time and resource intensive. This could sometimes lead the team to compromise on the overall quality of their assets in order to meet campaign deadlines. 


However, for Havana Club, brand is paramount, and creative excellence was needed. This led them to search for a partner that will enable them to best express their rich brand image onto the digital screens of Europe.


Streamlined, Digital-First Creative Production

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This search led to Shuttlerock. After an initial collaboration on a German campaign, Havana Club was impressed with Shuttlerock’s production methodology and creative quality. 


Shuttlerock offered Havana Club a new way of producing their digital creative, where they were able to leverage brand assets that had already been developed, repurposing them for all of their digital needs.

This production model was purpose-built to help global brands such as Havana Club to overcome the challenges that digital advertising presents, enabling them to create assets without compromising on quality, speed, or cost.

However, there are many other aspects of Shuttlerock’s Creative-as-a-Service solution that help Havana Club. Let’s take a look at some of them. 


Multi-Market Localization

Shuttlerock’s multi-market capabilities enable Havana Club to efficiently create localized assets that can be used throughout their various European markets. Along with suitable copy translation, a big part of this localization process is the compliance with national liquor advertising regulations, mostly taking the form of disclaimers included within the creative. 


The example on the left for instance was produced for the French market and abides by Évin law, with a disclaimer on a black screen at the beginning of the ad. 


Before working with Shuttlerock, creating localized creatives could be a very time-intensive process. However, Shuttlerock’s tech-enabled high-speed production model allows Havana Club to move much faster, equipping them with all the creatives needed for a campaign in a matter of days.

Cross-Channel Creative Compliance

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Havana Club understands the importance of advertising across multiple different online platforms in order to reach and drive stronger impressions with their target audience groups. 


As an official creative partner of each of these platforms, Shuttlerock’s deep knowledge in creative best practices means that Havana Club no longer has to worry about whether their assets are optimized for their intended placement. Instead, they now have peace of mind knowing that the assets they receive will give them the best chance of performing highly.

Consistently Communicating The Havana Club Brand

As Shuttlerock’s design team is strictly in-house, we have been able to develop a deep understanding of Havana Club’s rich, vibrant, street-culture influenced brand identity. This has enabled our creative teams to consistently adhere to Havana Club’s brand guidelines as they have become familiarized with the brand. 


This foundation of knowing the Havana Club brand inside and out has enabled Shuttlerock’s creative teams to amplify certain visual elements in order to deliver more cut-through online, whilst still working within the brand guidelines.

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