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Making the Switch
CaaS vs Traditional
Creative Production

Ready to switch to a new solution for your video production needs? Elevate your creative capabilities with CaaS, a solution built for modern marketers.

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What's inside the report?

In this report, TrinityP3 and Group Lark analyze how modern Creative as a Service (CaaS) solutions unlock the ability for brands to scale creative production with greater cost-efficiency. 

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Demand for creative assets has skyrocketed.

A look into the drivers behind the ever-increasing demand for creative content—especially video and other forms of rich media.

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Marketing budgets are under pressure.

A comparative analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing spend, benchmarking CaaS against traditional production models.

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Traditional approaches to creative production are unable to keep up.

Summary of the benefits of a CaaS solution as a replacement for, or complement to, traditional creative production methods.

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"Altering the production cost and efficiency equation will have a significant impact on marketing outcomes. In the simplest of terms: more dollars will make it to the screen, enabling marketers to increase the reach, variety and frequency of media placements without a corresponding increase in production costs."

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Shuttlerock Savings vs Traditional Creative Production

Creative as a Service (CaaS) solutions deliver significant efficiency and cost-effectiveness as a replacement for, or complement to, traditional production approaches.

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less expensive

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faster delivery time

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less expensive

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faster delivery time

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less expensive


Potentially equivalent delivery time

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           the modern solution to digital creative production


Discover the new economics and benefits of scaling digital creative asset production with Shuttlerock’s Creative as a Service (CaaS) solution.

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