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“Our collaboration with Shuttlerock gave us the opportunity to test TikTok as a new channel where we can deliver our message in a fast and efficient way to new customers. Shuttlerock's services were cost-effective and made things easy.”


Higher click-through-rate*


Lower cost-per-completed-view*

Denis Batiescu | Digital Marketing Manager, Henkel Romania


Higher impressions (vs. benchmark)

*These metrics are in comparison to performance achieved on another platform.  


Experimenting With TikTok To Boost Brand Awareness

Wishing to test TikTok’s effectiveness at driving brand outcomes, detergent brand Perwoll—a member of the Henkel family—teamed up with Shuttlerock to transform an existing TVC into an optimized TopView ad. 


Being both a first TikTok campaign for the Perwoll brand and a first for Henkel Laundry & Home Care within Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), this project highlighted the platform’s ability to reach a vast audience of highly-engaged users within the targeted demographic. 

Beating their primary KPI of impressions by 17%—whilst also achieving a 192% higher click-through rate and a 60% lower cost-per-completed-view relative to results achieved on another platform—helped to present TikTok as a key channel moving forward for Perwoll + Henkel.


Finding New, Effective Methods To Reach & Engage Audiences

Perwoll is not a standard detergent brand. Unlike other cleaners that aggressively remove tough dirt whilst damaging clothes in the process, Perwoll instead focuses on caring for clothes—helping consumers look and feel great, whilst also reducing waste by helping clothing last longer.  


The brand is constantly exploring new ways of building awareness and loyalty. With TikTok making lots of noise as an exciting new advertising channel, the Perwoll team was keen to join the party—trialling the platform within the Romanian market to see how effective it could be for their objectives.


Transforming An Existing TVC Into An Optimized TopView Ad

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The trial campaign would be promoting the relaunch of Perwoll’s Renew & Care Caps and would utilize an existing TVC that had been created for this product. However, in order to see the platform’s full potential, Perwoll would need to adapt this video in order to comply with TikTok’s best practices. 


To do so, Perwoll brought Shuttlerock on board. Since 2019, Henkel CEE has been collaborating with Shuttlerock to create impactful ad creative for a range of their consumer goods brands—making them a trusted partner for this project.  


Experts in TikTok-optimized creative, Shuttlerock’s design team were able to deconstruct the existing, horizontal TVC and put it back together in the form of an ad suitable for TikTok. This involved vertical framing, dynamic transitions, constant product presence, and ensuring that key visual elements were not interfering with the user interface. 


The creative was then used in the TopView placement—TikTok’s prime real-estate where it would be shown to users as the first thing they see upon opening the app.


The Results:

By utilizing creative that followed TikTok best practice within the high-engagement TopView placement, Perwoll was able to see some impressive performance. The campaign achieved a 17% higher number of impressions than the benchmark for the TopView placement. And also saw a 192% higher click-through rate and a 60% lower cost-per-completed-view when compared to the performance achieved on a different platform. 


The success of this trial campaign convinced Henkel of the power of TikTok and the need to include the platform in future collaborations with Shuttlerock.


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