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Dancing Their Way To A Successful Product Launch

In order to launch their Fresh Disc cleaning product in the Philippines, Mr Muscle teamed up with Shuttlerock to run a TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge that drove brand awareness whilst simultaneously highlighting product functionality through audience interaction. 

Mr Muscle’s Mission: Making A Toilet Cleaner Fun & Engaging

A new entrant to the Philippines, Mr Muscle’s Fresh Disc toilet cleaner was not only a new product, but also had a new functionality that was unfamiliar to consumers. This meant that Mr Muscle was facing a two-pronged challenge:
1) building brand awareness and 2) educating consumers on how to use the product. 

An Unconventional Solution: Dancing 💃

Yes, that is correct. Dancing. Who would’ve thought that dancing would be the best solution to launch a new toilet cleaner format into a market? Well, it just so happens that this turned out to be the perfect solution.

Let’s explain. 


Mr Muscle’s campaign objective is a difficult one. Launching a new product is never easy, and when you layer on top of this the fact that the product has unfamiliar functionality, the challenge to launch successfully becomes much greater. 


However, this statement is based on traditional advertising practices where audiences are passive recipients of your messaging. What if you were to break from convention by involving audiences, bringing them into the fold rather than forcing the issue? This is what Mr Muscle was able to achieve by opting to conduct a Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok. 


Branded Hashtag Challenge is a unique TikTok ad format that sees brands share a video that includes a sponsored hashtag, encouraging the TikTok community to respond by recording a submission following the instructions of the challenge. 

Mission Accomplished: Mr Muscle Fresh Disc Hashtag Challenge


Using the Branded Hashtag Challenge format, Mr Muscle was able to create a dance that reflected the three-steps of instructions that are needed to use the Fresh Disc product: Load, Stamp, Flush. 


This fun, interactive experience created by the campaign therefore not only ticked the boxes in terms of building brand awareness, it was also an inventive and efficient way of educating consumers how to use the product. 


After initially announcing the challenge with the video you can see on the right (built by Shuttlerock from a single static asset), the responses came pouring in from thousands of TikTok users taking part in the challenge. 

Drawing from these user-generated submissions, Shuttlerock produced the second video (shown on the left). This helped to grow the campaign even further to a point where thousands of users had begun interacting with the campaign with their own dance moves. 


The campaign ended up going viral across TikTok, achieving a whopping 126 million impressions, helping Mr Muscle increase market share in the Philippines.


"I really enjoyed working with the Shuttlerock team on our TikTok campaign!

They were agile and proactive in coming up with suggestions and solutions to our problems. A really great team player and not to forget a warm and friendly bunch!

I definitely look forward to more future collaborations with the team!"

January Tan | Regional Senior Brand Manager, SC Johnson

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