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TikTok's rapid rise has presented brands with a far-reaching platform where video is king, and creativity is embraced. TikTok now plays a huge role in shaping culture through the trends that are produced on the platform.

Brands who embrace their creative side, explore their brand personality, and tap into current trends can experience extremely high levels of engagement and performance

We create TikTok ads to help you
achieve your business goals

TikTok is all about standing out on a small screen, and this means maximizing screen real estate through vertical video.

Our ads are designed with this in mind, utilizing a mobile-first philosophy to ensure each video is crafted to stand out on the small screen.

TikTok users scroll at a rapid pace, meaning it is important to grab attention within the first second through bold and dynamic creative.

We utilize eye-catching animation and motion graphics in order to stand out and be seen.

Go fast

Think vertically

Amplify brand personality

A playground for creativity, TikTok gives you an opportunity to try new things and get experimentative with your brand, taking it to new levels.


At Shuttlerock we enjoy working with brands to push boundaries whilst maintaining the central essence of their brand identity.


Do More,

With Less.

Shuttlerock utilizes a mixture of animation and motion graphic design to create engaging, TikTok-optimized video ads entirely from existing brand assets. Whether it be static imagery, long-form video, or content built for another platform. With Shuttlerock, brands can

re-purpose what they already own, keeping costs low, turnaround fast, and quality high. 


From as little as a single input image, Shuttlerock can deliver a handcrafted TikTok video ad to meet any campaign objective.

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TikTok Video
Ad Formats


TikTok’s standard format, allowing you to embed video ads within a user’s feed. In-feed ads can be formatted to encourage brand engagement by driving traffic towards your brand page or to boost conversions by diverting users to desired landing pages.

Top View

Perfect for achieving top-of-funnel objectives. Top View enables you to display your ad as the first thing that a user sees upon opening TikTok. This encourages extremely high levels of reach and engagement.



Award-winning team of
in-house designers.

No templates. Each ad is handcrafted and bespoke to client’s needs.

Rigorous three-step QA process.

Quickly order and deploy creative via our proprietary technology; Shuttlerock Studio.

Easily switch-out featured products or change messaging.

Order in a matter of minutes and receive your ads in as little as three days.

Tech-driven scalability and speed

Human creativity

Superior service

Dedicated on-call Creative Strategist.

Deep understanding of your brand’s creative needs.

Brand guidelines followed strictly.

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