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"Since day one, we have been very happy with our collaboration with Shuttlerock. Our style and vision were picked up very quickly, meaning a lot of videos are perfect from the first round."


TikTok Video Ads



Chiara Migliore

Marketing Assistant, NEW YORKER


NEW YORKER adopts Shuttlerock to produce optimized TikTok creative, at scale

With a young Gen-Z and Millennial target market, it made a lot of sense for clothing brand NEW YORKER to give TikTok an increasingly prominent place in their digital marketing mix. 


The platform opens the door to a vast, tuned-in audience within this demographic. Opening the door, however, requires a key: authentic, entertaining video creative. To obtain this key, NEW YORKER partnered with official TikTok Creative Partner, Shuttlerock. 


Having first collaborated on a one-off project via a TikTok program, NEW YORKER chose to adopt Shuttlerock’s CaaS (Creative as a Service) solution to help them produce high volumes of optimized TikTok creative each month. 


One year in, NEW YORKER has collaborated with Shuttlerock to produce more than 90 TikTok videos, built for a variety of campaign objectives.

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Keeping TikTok audiences engaged with always-on creative 

For NEW YORKER, the major benefit of Shuttlerock CaaS is that it has allowed them to take an always-on approach to their TikTok ads. This means there is a steady flow of new videos in production at all times, instead of sporadic batches of creative briefed throughout the year. 


This has played a key role in helping NEW YORKER overcome one of the biggest challenges facing TikTok advertisers: creative fatigue. 


To keep audiences engaged on TikTok, you can’t show them the same video over and over again. The platform moves fast, meaning creative has a relatively short shelf life. If you keep a video running too long, it will struggle to engage audiences, leading to a drop in performance. 


NEW YORKER is able to avoid this issue, as each month they receive a fresh batch of new TikTok videos ready to deploy. 

Regular production of TikTok creative also means NEW YORKER is more tuned into the culture of TikTok, and can quickly jump on trends ‌as they occur. CaaS’ fixed-cost pricing plays a big part here, as it gives the team at NEW YORKER the ability to brief a new project as needed without having to worry about getting additional budget approval.


Working smarter, not harder: remixing existing assets

Since they’re producing high volumes of TikTok creative, efficient production is key for NEW YORKER. It won’t make sense from a ROI standpoint if they have to spend a whole lot of time and money on each video. 


With Shuttlerock, NEW YORKER can produce video creative efficiently by remixing their existing brand assets. There’s no need to shoot anything new; instead, NEW YORKER can repurpose what they already have: images from photoshoots, video from other content, UGC—you name it! Not only does this help from a value perspective, it also leads to turnaround times being a lot quicker.


Working in this way also doesn't mean NEW YORKER have to make any compromises regarding ‌the quality of their creative. In fact, the opposite is true. The Shuttlerock designers working on NEW YORKER videos are global experts in TikTok creative, and have also developed a deep understanding of the brand due to working with them regularly. This means all videos are optimized and on-brand, every time. 

The creative keeps on tikking

NEW YORKER is a brand that has fully embraced the essence of TikTok. Their organic presence is extremely strong, and works well in combination with their paid efforts. At Shuttlerock, we’re proud to play a part in this and we’re excited to keep the creative coming!  


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