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"Shuttlerock have allowed us to output a huge variety of forward-thinking content that never fails to impress. The entire process, from briefs to revisions is quick and easy."


New videos produced each month



Lower cost-per-asset

(Compared to industry benchmark)

Genni Laporta

Senior Marketing & Content Executive, Oliver's Travel

Oliver’s Travels finds their perfect video creative production destination

Oliver’s Travels specializes in delivering extraordinary villa holidays. Since 2003, they’ve helped thousands of people enjoy unique and luxurious getaways in exclusive, one-of-a-kind properties. 


Entering the travel industry at a time when the internet was booming in popularity, Oliver’s Travels has always had a digital-first mentality regarding their marketing strategy. The past two decades, however, have seen dramatic transformation in digital media. This has meant that they've had to adapt their strategy to fit new developments as they occur. 


One of the most significant developments—at least from an ad creative point of view—has been the need to focus efforts into video. Video has come to dominate digital media, with brands having to follow suit. Understanding this, Oliver’s Travels were looking for a creative solution that would help them keep up with their growing video creative needs. 


Initially meeting Shuttlerock through a Meta Program, Oliver’s Travels were impressed by the quality of the videos creaitve, along with the overall production process. This led them to adopt Shuttlerock's CaaS (Creative as a Service) model.

With Shuttlerock CaaS, Oliver’s Travels has found a creative solution that ticks all their boxes: consistent quality, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to scale assets during peak holiday seasons. 

Three months in, they’ve produced more than 50 videos, with a cost-per-asset 68% lower than the industry benchmark. 

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Consistent quality and aways on-brand

For Oliver’s Travels, it’s extremely important that their ad creative consistently reflects the sense of luxury and quality that makes up their brand identity.

This is guaranteed with Shuttlerock CaaS, as each of Oliver’s Travels videos are worked on by the same in-house team of world-class designers who’ve developed a deep knowledge of their brand guidelines. Along with this, the CaaS model also provides a dedicated Client Solutions Manager who is in regular contact with the brand to make sure their creative is on the right track.

Unlocking cost-effectiveness by repurposing existing assets


With Shuttlerock CaaS, Oliver’s Travels can achieve this high quality creative without a high price tag, as the solution enables them to repurpose assets that they’ve already invested in. 

Oliver’s Travels already invests money into producing imagery and video for their website and social channels. So why not maximize the value of these assets by repurposing them into video creative for their digital campaigns?

They are now able to do just that. With as little as a single image asset, Shuttlerock’s team of animators and motion graphics designers can create stunning, top quality video creative for whichever objective and platform that Oliver’s Travels requires.

Scaling video creative during peak season

As a travel brand, Oliver’s Travel’s creative requirements fluctuate depending on the time of year. Because of this, it’s important for them to be able to ramp up the volume of creative they’re producing during peak holiday periods. 


With streamlined production processes backed by dedicated creative technology, Shuttlerock gives Oliver’s Travel’s the production capacity to scale production as much as they need, whenever they need it. Even better, this increase in volume doesn’t result in an increase in costs as CaaS has monthly fixed-cost pricing.

CaaS is there for Oliver’s Travel’s wherever their creative journey takes them

Regardless of their campaign objectives, the platforms and formats included, or the volume of deliverables required, Oliver’s Travels can count on Shuttlerock to deliver the creative they need, when they need it.


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