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“It was exciting to see how the act of simply optimizing existing creative and incorporating placement best practices can make such a major impact on campaign performance. Shuttlerock’s expertly produced mobile-first creative enabled us to better communicate our valuable information to patients and caregivers via social media”.

Gus Strominger

Senior Marketing Manager - Digital Media Strategy @ AstraZeneca

Pharmaceutical Case Study


Developed by AstraZeneca, TAGRISSO is a convenient, once-a-day pill treatment for EGFR+ lung cancer sufferers. A game-changer in its field, TAGRISSO has quickly become the #1 prescribed EGFR TKI therapy as a first treatment option. TAGRISSO’s success has enabled patients to live longer, more active lives, whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of recurrence.

Recent clinical trials have further proven the effectiveness of TAGRISSO, exceeding expectations of many in the medical field. These results, coupled with the product’s monumental rise in sales revenue, has bolstered TAGRISSO’s position as one of AstraZeneca’s leading products.


In order to broaden the treatment’s reach, a strong digital campaign was necessary to communicate TAGRISSO’s message to the highest possible number of those who either themselves could benefit from the treatment or have loved ones seeking effective lung-cancer treatments. However, although AstraZeneca had run ads on mobile placements in the past, these were the first ads designed with an “Instagram first” mentality to drive the highest possible levels of performance on that specific platform.

With an overarching goal of driving traffic towards their website, AstraZeneca realized the importance that placement optimization has in engaging viewers and inspiring them to take action. With this in mind, AstraZeneca turned to Shuttlerock in order to develop a set of mobile-first creative assets specifically targeting Instagram users.

Illuminated Stairs

AstraZeneca realized the importance that placement optimization has in engaging viewers and inspiring them to take action.


In collaboration with AstraZeneca’s creative agency HealthWork (a collaboration between BBDO NY and CDMNY) and media agency CMI/Compas, Shuttlerock transformed a selection of existing static images into a vibrant set of video-ads optimized for Instagram’s story and feed placements.
Shuttlerock’s team of in-house designers were able to ensure that these assets were thumb-stopping, vivid video-ads that drove website traffic whilst abiding by the strict legal parameters pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry.

Simple, clear messaging along with subtle animation and dynamic transition effects were used as a way of both engaging and informing audiences and leading them to take action with a strong Call To Action on the end frame.
Through the repurposing of existing assets to suit the desired Instagram placement, the ads were given the best chance of achieving AstraZeneca’s main objective of increasing TAGRISSO’s website traffic.

NYC Skyline BW

Breathing life into TAGRISSO's existing static imagery, and optimizing for Instagram's placements enabled AstraZeneca to achieve their campaign objectives. 

Creative Showcase

Client input:

Original Assets 

Shuttlerock output:

Mobile-optimized Videos

7322171AdobeStock210829650V2RGBHR smalle

+ Logo & CTA's

Vertical Universal (9:16)

Creative Showcase




Increase in Landing Page View Rate



Decrease in Cost Per Landing Page View



Increase in Qualified View Rate (QVR) 

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