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Lead Generation
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“This project was a great opportunity to be the first mover with interactive car configurator ads. Everything was easy to set up thanks to Shuttlerock’s support and creative abilities. We were really happy with the performance in relation to our KPI’s and we’re looking forward to extending our collaboration.”


Higher view time

Lower cost-per-lead


Holger Dohmen   |  Head of Digital Marketing

Ford Motor Company (Germany)

Driving quality auto leads through an interactive Instant Experience

In Germany, global automotive brand, Ford, collaborated with Shuttlerock’s DACH team to launch an innovative Instant Experience ad on Facebook. 


The creative was focused on driving consideration for Ford’s Mustang Mach-E range by expanding upon Ford’s online Car Configurator tool. 


The first of its kind concept for the Instant Experience enabled audiences to explore the Mustang Mach-E and customize their preferred model via interactive elements within the ad format. 


The success of this campaign helped to demonstrate the format's potential as an innovative creative solution that can be applied to different car ranges and within different markets with localized versions.


Moving from dealerships to digital showrooms

Throughout their 117 year history, Ford has not only adapted to change—but also led it. The automotive industry has undergone many transformations, and Ford—being there from the beginning—has seen them all. Perhaps one of the most monumental changes to occur in the industry has been the monumental rise of the digital, and the influence it’s had upon the car purchase journey. 


Physical dealerships are being frequented less often, with consumers preferring to conduct their research digitally. Understanding this shifting behavior, Ford has always placed huge importance on creating an online experience that enables consumers to easily explore their range of vehicles. An example of this is their Car Configurator tool which allows people to build their perfect car by selecting a number of desired features. 

A unique, first of its kind ad concept

After working with Ford on a number of different paid social campaigns, Shuttlerock’s DACH team—along with Facebook—identified an opportunity for Ford to take their Car Configurator feature and adapt it to function as an interactive ad taking the form of a Facebook Instant Experience.

Not only would they be the first car manufacturer to utilize this interactive Instant Experience concept, but it would also help Ford to generate valuable on-platform signal data which could be used for retargeting purposes.

Shuttlerock took the idea to Ford Germany. Having utilized Instant Experiences in the past, Ford was keen to test this more interactive, hands-on approach and also gauge how it could help them scale their Car Configurator tool towards a larger, targeted audience via Facebook.

The Creative:

Mustang Mach-E Instant Experience Configurator

To test their first configurator Instant Experience within the German market, Ford decided to feature the Mustang Mach-E, an all electric SUV.  An innovative car, fit for an innovative ad. 


To build the different creative components needed for the Instant Experience, Ford supplied Shuttlerock with existing imagery and long-form video assets that had been created to promote the Mustang Mach-E. 


With these assets, Shuttlerock’s design team got to work reframing, animating, and editing each asset so that they would fit within the planned Instant Experience concept. 

Ford_FB interface.png
Landing page.jpg
lead in vd.png
ins ex.png
landing page.png

As you can see above, the first part of the campaign was the Lead-In video. This short initial ad appears in-feed on Facebook and is aimed at gaining attention and then directing audiences to click-through into the Instant Experience proper. 


When the user enters the Instant Experience they are immersed within a full-screen layout where they can use scroll, swipe, and click functions to configure their car in three steps: model, battery/power train, and color/paint type. 


Once selecting choices, audiences will then be directed by a swipe up CTA to the online Car Configrator tool with their chosen configuration already pre-selected. From here, leads are then able to continue their configuration in more detail and take the next steps towards purchase. 

The Results

The Shuttlerock-built Car Configurator Instant Experience proved to be successful, achieving 56% higher view time, along with a 15% lower cost-per-lead when compared to regular Instant Experiences run by Ford during the campaign.


These results, coupled with the quick turnaround and smooth production process demonstrated that this configurator concept could be taken and used within other markets and with other car ranges. Shuttlerock has recently completed a localized variation of the German Mach-E creative for the U.K market.

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