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With Apple’s long-awaited privacy changes recently taking effect, it’s important for advertisers to explore new strategies to preserve campaign performance.

To help this cause, we assembled a think-tank
to approach iOS 14 from a creative standpoint,
identifying strategies that can be adopted to

proactively respond to the changes. 


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Creative Strategies For Evolving Data Use

Join Facebook’s Lara Andrews and Shuttlerock’s Kayla Huffman-Kiko for a discussion surrounding iOS 14 and its implications for Facebook advertisers.

The webinar also highlights three creative strategies that can be adopted to help preserve campaign performance.


Co-hosted by Facebook + Shuttlerock

What You'll Learn:


Everything you need to know about the iOS 14 updates and the proposed impact for Facebook advertisers

Full-funnel creative strategies to help preserve campaign performance including related ad formats and creative recommendations


Clear and easy-to-follow instructions for campaign set-up & testing recommendations


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Facebook Creative Strategies to Preserve Performance post-iOS 14

Dive into the creative strategies that will enable you to proactively respond to Apple’s iOS 14 privacy changes. 


The guide breaks down three creative strategy recommendations, exploring the different Facebook/Instagram ad formats that can be used for each.

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What's Inside?

Detailed explanation of the different areas of Facebook advertising impacted by iOS 14

Three creative strategy recommendations that will enable you to cushion the impact of iOS 14 using a unified full-funnel approach


Best practice summaries for the Facebook ad formats that fall within the three identified strategies


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