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"Shuttlerock is great to work with. The work is turned around very quickly to meet our tight deadlines, and the quality is fantastic. Working with Shuttlerock means we can get high quality videos produced cost-effectively and quickly to support all our marketing efforts."



Creative Assets Delivered




Sarah McLennan

ANZ Marketing & Growth Programs Director 


Dubber boosts internal creative capacity by integrating Shuttlerock

When their creative requirements started exceeding the capacity of their in-house creative team, cloud-based call recording and voice AI platform, Dubber, faced a dilemma: add more staff or search for a new solution?

Anticipating that their creative requirements would only continue to increase, Dubber opted for the latter, searching for a creative solution that could handle increasing volume and unlock economies of scale in the process.

That search led to Shuttlerock.

Plugging Shuttlerock’s Creative as a Service (CaaS) solution into their existing in-house team, Dubber has augmented their creative capacity, giving them the ability to produce creative at much higher volumes. 11 months into their subscription, Dubber has been pumping out the creative, producing 234 assets for display and social—more than 20 per month.


Scale is one thing. But to be feasible from a commercial perspective, the solution needs to deliver on two key markers: cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Let’s see how CaaS is delivering these for Dubber.


Improving efficiency with dedicated creative technology

Tech has proven to be a key catalyst in enabling Dubber to increase their levels of creative production. By integrating Shuttlerock’s proprietary tech solution, ShuttlerockCloud into their marketing tech stack, Dubber’s team has been enjoying a quick briefing process, streamlined revisioning and easy one-click deployment capabilities in order to shift their creative production into high-gear.


Securing cost-certainty through a fixed-price subscription

Another major drawcard of Shuttlerock’s CaaS solution for Dubber is the cost-certainty it provides. Brands can often be apprehensive about bringing a creative partner on-board as the costs associated can be highly unpredictable. CaaS on the other hand operates on a fixed-cost subscription model, giving Dubber a clear view of creative costs.

Cost-certainty is a big deal. Not only does it help Dubber’s CMO to sleep peacefully at night knowing that they aren’t at risk of a budget blowout, it also enables their marketing team to be much more flexible and agile in their approach to creative. For instance, if they spot an opportunity which requires new creative, they don’t need to waste time waiting for the additional budget to be signed off on; instead, they can go straight into production in a matter of minutes. Or, if they want to change a line of copy or create a new ratio in order to improve performance, the fixed-cost subscription enables them to do so, without incurring additional costs. 

The pricing structure of CaaS has also proven to be the key that has helped Dubber to unlock economies of scale. As their creative output goes up, cost-per-asset goes down thanks to the fixed-price model. This therefore encourages and rewards higher production volumes rather than discouraging it through incremental costs. 


Summing up

By integrating Shuttlerock, Dubber has been able to ramp up creative production to meet their growing needs, doing so in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Looking forward, as Dubber continues on their journey of growth they know they will have a reliable creative partner with vast capacity, at the ready and able to deliver.


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