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Decrease in CPI (cost per install)


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"The quality of creatives that Shuttlerock produced truly speak for themselves and the strong performance helps to confirm this. Google App Campaigns have proven to be strong acquisition tools for us, and when matched with high-quality creative, the effectiveness becomes even greater"

Gabija Digaityte
PPC Manager,

Driving installs through a wide-spread Google App Campaign

Business banking platform, Tide, worked alongside Shuttlerock to produce a collection of high-impact creatives, helping them to boost user-acquisition through a comprehensive Google App Campaign.


With over 300,00 businesses on board, UK-based FinTech company Tide is changing the business banking game with an innovative, digitally-focused solution. 

Ditching the traditional high-street branches for an online approach, Tide's easy-to-use app is jam packed full of handy features, helping to make banking easy for small businesses, freelancers, and sole traders. 

Tide's goal

In order to continue on with their rapid growth, Tide is constantly exploring new ways of drawing new businesses towards their platform. In the past, Tide's acquisition team had seen success utilizing Google's App Campaigns as a way of reaching a vast audience and driving prospects towards their App Store and Google Play landing pages. 

App Campaigns enable brands to deploy a single, unified campaign, helping to promote their app at multiple different touch points across Google's far reaching ad network. Within an App Campaign, a diverse range of different assets, both video and imagery are created, and then deployed to the different placements offered through Youtube, Google Display Network, Google Play, and more. 

Seeing the strong results that such an integrated approach could produce, Tide wished to delve deeper into App Campaigns. In the past, Tide utilized creative that took a general approach, introducing the platform and its characteristics on a baseline level, without delving deep into specific functions and benefits.

Whilst this approach is extremely important for a disruptor such as Tide to broadly educate prospects about their offering, the team wished to compliment these assets with a new set that highlighted, with greater detail, the different features of the platform.  


tide asset.png

As an App Preferred Creative Partner, Shuttlerock worked with Tide to develop three ad concepts, with each focusing on a specific element of Tide's business banking offering. The three themes represented through these concepts were: speedy & easy set up, powerful account features, and lastly the support offered to a diverse range of SME businesses. 

To build the creative assets for each concept, Shuttlerock utilized a collection of Tide's existing static brand assets, ranging from in-app imagery, to lifestyle photography. Through animation and motion graphic design, these were transformed into eye-catching, high-energy 15-second video ads—communicating a simple, yet strong, actionable message to Tide's target audience. 

The video ads were produced in three different ratios, each optimized for the different Google ad network placements. The concepts were also accompanied by a set of banner ads in three further ratios, helping to extend the campaign's reach and visibility. 

Aimed at driving app installs, each video ad culminated with a strong CTA on the end frame, leading the viewer to a download page on either the Google Play Store, or App Store depending on which operating system they were viewing from. The optimized creative helped Tide to achieve strong results,  with a 7% decrease in cost-per-install, a 9% decrease in cost-per-action, and a whopping 341% increase in click-through-rates.  


Decrease in CPA

(cost per action)


Creative assets


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