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“With Shuttlerock, the way we produce creative has become significantly faster and more scalable. We no longer struggle to get enough creative out the door.”


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Sydney Peterson

Social Media Specialist, SunButter


With production resources spread thin, SunButter turns to Shuttlerock CaaS

Offering a seed alternative to nut butters; SunButter, is a Fargo-based brand producing a range of vitamin-rich sunflower butter products. 

To convince consumers to make the switch from peanut – or other nut butters – SunButter has had to develop a strong digital presence that connects with audiences across various touchpoints. Over the past couple of years, this has meant that they’ve had to ramp up both their paid and organic video marketing efforts. 


This need for higher volumes of video started to put a strain on the resources of SunButter’s small but mighty marketing team. The team would often find themselves scrambling to get creative content made for their campaigns. 


To alleviate this, SunButter adopted Shuttlerock’s Creative as a Service (CaaS) solution, giving them all the production bandwidth they need to meet all of their video creative needs in a timely manner. 

Copy of phone_mockup.png

SunButter’s new video production recipe


Now, whenever SunButter’s marketing team requires video creative, all they need to do is go to ShuttlerockCloud; create a new project, upload some assets, and submit their brief.

With their brief submitted, Shuttlerock’s design team gets to work transforming the provided assets into top-quality video creative, optimized for whichever platform and placement that Sunbutter requires.

This smooth, streamlined process doesn’t require any heavy lifting from SunButter’s team, freeing-up time for them to focus on other marketing efforts.


Leveraging Generative AI

To work even more efficiently, SunButter’s marketing team has been making use of Shuttlerock’s Generative AI features. 


To supplement their existing assets, SunButter has made use of Shuttlerock’s AI image-generator tool to create visual backgrounds to open up more possibilities with their creative. They’re also utilizing the AI copy tool within ShuttlerockCloud to help generate copy ideas when briefing their projects, along with the AI voice-over generator.

SunButter Generative AI Copy.jpg

Scaling video, not costs

Another key reason why Shuttlerock CaaS works for SunButter is that the solution enables them to scale their video production in an efficient way. 


SunButter has access to CaaS through a fixed-monthly-cost license. This allows them to produce all the creative they need without costs skyrocketing.


Costs being fixed also gives SunButter a lot more agility with their video creative. If, for example, a new trend arises across social, SunButter are now able to move quickly and brief relevant creative without having to worry about the added cost. 


It also opens up the door for SunButter’s marketing team to explore new ad formats and test different design treatments – some of these can be seen below.

ig story.png
ig reel.png

Supporting SunButter as they continue to spread some sun

As SunButter continues on its journey, their video creative requirements are going to keep increasing. With Shuttlerock on their side, production resources will never be spread too thin, meaning SunButter will be able to continue meeting these demands. 


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